How to Convert Customers with Email

Create a 6 email sequence

Follow up in vital to convert interested people into actual customers or clients. Email sequences are a great way to do this, and they are automated too.

An email sequence is a carefully crafted series of emails, which are sent out on a set schedule based on a potential customer’s actions. The goal is to convert them to take action and become a paying customer.

Here is how to create an email sequence, what to include, and when to send them.

How to Convert Customers with Email

6 Email Sequence to Send to your Customers

The first email needs to deliver on a promise. In order to get an email address, something of value needs to offered. This is typically a lead magnet. Send this email immediately, on day one, with the offer.

Next, create an email with value based content. Send this the next day, on day two.

The third email should also be value based content, and it should introduce the product or service too. Send this the next day, on day three.

Next up, send a testimonial of someone who already has what you are selling, saying how much it made a difference in their life. Reintroduce the product again. Send this the next day, on day four.

Then, create some urgency. The offer is going away, there is not much longer to claim it, there is limited supply. Add some deadline to encourage them to take action. Wait before sending this, to give them a moment to consider the offer. Send this on day six.

Finally, send an email about how this is their last chance, the doors are closing. This plays on the Fear of Missing Out, of losing the offer and is highly emotive in getting them to act now. This will be the final email; send this on day eight.

You can spread the days out in the same pattern, but be aware that people lose interest very quickly and you may see a drop off of email open rates if you leave it too long. It is a good idea to test how your audience responds to the sequence of days.

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Tip of the Week: Create a 6-step email sequence to follow up and convert customers.

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