5 Must Have Email Sequences to Drive Sales

Follow up and repeat contact is the key to sales


Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to engage, reengage and sell to your target audience. Automate these, and you’ll earn money without lifting a finger. Here are 5 types of email sequences to drive sales in your business.

5 Must Have Email Sequences to Drive Sales

1. Welcome Email Sequence

This is a series of emails that welcome a new subscriber, introduces your business, your products or service, your personal story, and make a lasting impression, securing loyalty early on.

To create a welcome series, identify what you would like to tell customers about you, your business and your offer. Don’t use it to sell directly, rather provide value. This series should be very engaging. It can be a series of three emails, or even eight or more. So long as it carries from one email to the next and is engaging, people will keep reading.

2. Purchase Reminders

Customers behave in predictable patterns. You can use these buying patterns to target them based on where they are in the buying cycle. This can then be used to remind them to buy.

These reminders should be automated based on triggers. These reminders can be a single email or multiple emails. Make sure to end the sequence once a customer has bought.

3. Upsell Sequence

Selling to your existing customers is far easier than to sell to new customers. In order to continue to grow their lifetime value, it is important to continue to sell to them. An upsell sequence is aimed at people who recently made a purchase and are likely to do so again, or upgrade. With this sequence, send promotional content or offers that show the value of making an additional purchase.

4. Re-engagement Sequence

A re-engagement sequence can be beneficial if you have not connected with your list in some time, or the list is older, or your click through rate is not as high as you want. It can reconnect with past subscribers, help clean out bad data or increase engagement.

The purpose of a re-engagement campaign is to find out who is still relevant and interested in your business, and who is not. For those who are still interested, a series of emails can build back that relationship. After reactivating people on your list, you can start a marketing series of emails to get them closer to a purchase.

5. Lead Nurturing Sequence

The purpose of lead nurturing is to build trust with leads. In these, you present yourself as an expert and build your authority on a subject. This way, leads will feel more comfortable trusting you with their problem.

General broadcast emails, such as blog posts or promotions, will nurture your entire list over time. In addition, it is worthwhile to send special content to warm leads. Identify who has engaged with your business recently, and provide middle of the funnel content, such as product or service related information to help them make a decision, and to push them into the bottom of the funnel.

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Tip of the Week: Make it easy for leads and customers to buy, or buy more, by sending email sequences to drive sales.

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