How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform

Compare ecommerce solutions for your business

Selling products and services online is a continually growing area of business. To sell online, a business needs a system to conduct ecommerce online. An ecommerce solution is a type of software that lets businesses manage their website, sales and operations. Here are several of the biggest names in ecommerce.

How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform


More than ecommerce software, Shopify is an ecommerce platform that has everything you need to sell online, on social media or in person.

Good to get started and for selling on social media. Works well for those who want a typical ecommerce platform that is easy to use. Can get you up and running quickly.



This ecommerce platform is open source technology which offers flexibility and a shopping cart system.

Good for reliability and scalability. Good for those who plan to grow big in their online sales. Does require a team of programmers and cost to start is higher.



This is also an ecommerce platform with a shopping cart system.

Good for those who need a full store without requiring a lot of technical knowledge and set up.


WooCommerce for WordPress

This is a free plugin for WordPress. It is fully customizable, open source ecommerce.

Good for WordPress websites that will not have a large or high-volume store.


Important Factors to Consider when Choosing an Ecommerce Solution


Social media integration

Selling on social media, and advertising to your audience on social media is becoming more important every day. To capture a large and engaged audience, your ecommerce solution needs to integrate easily and smoothly with social media.


Load speed

This factor alone will have a major impact on sales. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and that’s considered slow in ecommerce, it will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. People simply will not wait for your website to load.


Future business goals

The direction you want to grow your business in will impact what ecommerce platform you need.


Your team and technical knowledge

Some systems are easier to use than others. Some require custom coding and updates from experience web developers while others do not.


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Tip of the Week: Choose your ecommerce platform based on your business needs and start selling online.

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