Our passion is helping small and medium sized businesses succeed online. Marketing can be complex. It changes constantly. Yet, for the small business owner, online marketing is essential.

After working with hundreds of local businesses, we’ve created tools, courses and services packages to suit your business goals and budget.

Why we do, what we do

We support local business. We believe in a thriving local community. We champion the mom and pop shops. We support those who are going it alone. We want to show you what works, and where to put your time and energy.

We want to see you grow. We want to be there to help and support you through the growing pains of building a business from the ground up.

The online world offers so many marketing options. Not all of them are right for you. We help choose which work best for you. We help you do it right.

Tools & Courses

You need to know about online marketing. Social media. Websites and SEO. Paid online ads.

How do you find the time while running your business? With tight budgets, it’s even harder. Our courses and tools are designed with you in mind, to teach you how to do it.

Service packages

Sometimes you just need someone to take care of it. We are reliable, and will get it done. No more worries for you. You can focus on other important parts of your business.

Who we help

We help small and medium sized businesses: bricks and mortar, online store, and mobile businesses. Our Tools & Courses are for those starting out. Our service packages are for those who have been in business 3+ years.

We have found when you are starting out, you need the most help to get up and running online, for the lowest budget. Our tools and courses help with exactly that.

Once you’ve been in business 3+ years, you look for ways to step-up your game. Our service packages help with this.

How we started

It all started with friends, family and colleagues asking for help from founder & online marketing specialist, Danielle Milne. It quickly became clear that small and medium sized businesses struggle with the variety and complexity of online marketing. There are very few resources targeted to this group of business owners.

We have grown into a virtual company, delivering tools, courses and services to small and medium sized businesses. We keep it virtual, working remotely, to keep your costs down.

Our experience 

Danielle Milne 760 Marketing HeadshotDanielle Milne has more than 10 years of online marketing experience at a corporate level. She implemented online marketing with big budgets, and tested how to do it right. This was then scaled to fit smaller businesses and budgets. She has been working exclusively with small and medium sized businesses for 3 years.

Find out more on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/760danielle

For more information about other team members, please contact us directly, as it depends on the project.